Free Montessori Elementary Albums

For four years now, I’ve relied on the same Montessori albums from Cultivating Dharma. They were generously provided free of charge on the website, for years, but currently, as I’ve been directing followers over to the site, we sadly discovered that the site is unavailable.

This happened once in the past, and it was for site maintenance after malware had destroyed the page.

Since we’re in the thick of planning and some are beginning their school year, I know these are an invaluable resource for homeschool families, and the author would want them be available.

A follower asked if I had any working links, and after some digging, I discovered that I have several of the albums saved on my hard drive!

I will temporarily upload them here to my blog so you all have access to them, until I’m able to get ahold of Cultivating Dharma or the site is back up and running.

Elementary Foundations

Language Album

Math 1 album

Math 2 album


Update: A generous IG follower had the other two files (Foundations & Geometry) saved and sent them over to complete the set! This community is just the best!


8 thoughts on “Free Montessori Elementary Albums

  1. Thank you so much for this! I thought i have lost access to these albums after i found that the cultivating dharma site went to error!!! You and your followers are saviors!! thank you!!

    I have one clarification, do we have any albums like this for geography, botany etc?


    1. You’re most welcome! I can’t believe their site is still down over a year later!
      Cultivating Dharma does not have any geography or botany albums available. I would suggest Mainly Montessori or Montessori Research and Development


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